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About Elaine

Elaine is a strong prophetic voice to the body of Christ. Operating in the office of a prophet since 1986 she has a power packed flow in the kingdom of God. The Word of the Lord is given with a sharp clarity to the saints, like a bow pulled back as the arrow is released hitting the bull’s eye! She has served in the body of Christ since 1976 not stopping or backing down. Actually standing and delivering her first message at eleven years old in Plains GA United Methodist Church in 1969. This was the beginning of a preparatory process for the office she holds.

Her message and ministry come from life experiences causing the Word to be applicable to everyday living.  In 1994 Elaine served as senior pastor for ten years of a work birthed in Albany GA.  She stepped out in itinerate ministry in 2003, a leap of faith, traveling holding her own conferences as well as preaching and teaching in other churches and destinations.  Currently she has held meetings in Sheboygan and Kaukauna WI and in Albany and Columbus GA. Her heart is to see God’s people established and strong in the Word of God knowing their post and position in this hour. Life can throw us some fast hard balls, so it’s time for us understand the power of our God’s transforming every area of our lives.

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